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Packages that use MilestoneCalculator

Uses of MilestoneCalculator in de.fuberlin.wiwiss.semmf.engine

Constructors in de.fuberlin.wiwiss.semmf.engine with parameters of type MilestoneCalculator
TaxonomicMatcher(Taxonomy t, MilestoneCalculator mc)

Uses of MilestoneCalculator in de.fuberlin.wiwiss.semmf.taxon

Classes in de.fuberlin.wiwiss.semmf.taxon that implement MilestoneCalculator
 class ExpMilestCalc
          This class is a milestone calculator using an exponential function m(level) = 0.5 * pow (k, level), where k is a parameter passed to the constructor.
 class LinMilestCalc
          This class is a milestone calculator using a linear formula: m(level) = 1 - (level / deepestLevel).